Caprese-Inspired Side Salad

Hello from Nashville!  2 days and 4 flights later, I made it to my destination.  I have to say, it was all worth it.  The MENTOR Mgmt training that I am participating in has been an insightful learning experience.  Having now completed phases 1 & 2, I look forward to the last two sessions.  While the coursework is important, I value most the relationships I have built in the process.  I was blessed with an extremely dynamic group of individuals from around the country.  I haven’t laughed this hard in a long time.  Thank you!  As I head home to Iowa this afternoon, I am thankful.

With that, today I share with you the last post from our trip to the North Shore of Lake Superior.  Like my brother-in-law Cory always says…it feels much more like an ocean than it does a lake!  If only we were within 4 hours driving distance instead of 8….I would be up there every chance I had.  I beg you…make the trip to Duluth and further North on Hwy 61.  This fall would be perfect!   The crashing of water on the rocky shore…the cool breeze through the trees….the crackle of bonfires on the beach…and the transformation of the leaves.  What more could you ask for? 

As I look at this picture and reflect on the time we spent at Grand Superior…again, I am thankful.  I also look at this picture and think to myself, “I love that little dog.”  For all the dog-lovers out there…you understand.  That little dog…Ruby…with her big heart and huge personality…is such an important member of this family.  🙂

Finally, along with the Roasted Tomato Linguine and Buffalo Drummies we enjoyed over the weekend, we were also sure to get in our fruits and veggies.  By now, you are all aware of our obsession with Caprese salad…so before the drive up to Duluth, I went out into my “garden” (potted plants) and harvested a big bowl of grape tomatoes  and fresh basil to take with us.  My plan…to make a caprese-inspired side salad!  It was just our style!


4 Servings

  • 1 bag of Spring Mix lettuce
  • 1 pint of Grape Tomatoes, halved
  • Fresh Mozzarella, cubed (~1/2 of a fresh ball of mozzarella)
  • Fresh Basil, chopped (~5 leaves)
  • 1/4 cup EVOO
  • 1/2 cup Balsamic Vinegar
  • Salt & Pepper

Divide lettuce evenly among serving bowls.  Top with even portions of tomatoes and mozzarella.  Sprinkle with Basil.

In a small bowl, whisk together EVOO, Balsamic Vinegar, Salt and Pepper.  Taste.  If too acidic for your liking, add add’l EVOO.  Whisk well.

Drizzle generously over salad and serve immediately.  A great beginning to a delicious meal at home!

Indulge.  In Life.  In Love.  In Food.

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