You’re Never Too Old For Ice Cream

I’m not sure what has gotten into me lately…but I am loving sweets!  Cupcakes…cookies…ice cream.   I know I know.  I’m the weird one who has had little to no interest in sweets for years.  Throw a bag of cheese curds in front of me and I am a happy girl…but lately, gimmie dessert!  🙂

So tonight, as I cleaned up dishes after dinner I muttered those words, “Let’s go to Dane’s.  I need an ice cream cone.”  Ryan laughed… but he didn’t put up a fight.  Earlier this summer we made our first trip to Dane’s together.  There is something so wonderful about a neighborhood ice cream shop.


Ryan was pumped to find out they have “Cake Batter” twist cones.  I, on the other hand, stuck with a classic.


Mmm…deee-ricious!  How can something so simple be so satisfying? 


As September quickly comes and goes, our nighttime trips to Dane’s will soon come to an end.   If you live in the Iowa City area, stop by and support a well-established business…with awesome ice cream!  Dane’s Drive In Dairy 1430 willow creek court, Iowa City, IA 52246 (319) 354-7400. 

If you are not local to Iowa City, take time this weekend to stop at your neighborhood ice cream shop.   After all, we’re never too old for ice cream!

“Ice cream is happiness condensed.”  ~Unknown

Indulge.  In Life.  In Love.  In Food.


2 thoughts on “You’re Never Too Old For Ice Cream

    • Hi Amanda! Thank you for the note and for checking out my blog. I hope you enjoyed it! I grew up in WI and my dad always took my sister and I to the “Drive-In A&W” for cheese curds and root-beer floats! How fun 🙂

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