Roasted Tomato & Olive Oil Linguine

We’ve only been home from the North Shore for a week….and I am already daydreaming about the next time we go back.  I can’t explain the feeling that overcomes me when we pull into Duluth and continue on North.  The serenity…the ease…the “Im-cut-off-from-the-rest-of-the-world” sense of calm….it’s beautiful.  I would encourage you all to add “The North Shore” to your list of “Must-Visits”. 

From the wilderness….


To the Sea.  The lush forests…to the wide open waters.  It is all breath-taking….right here in the Midwest.  Right here in Minnesota. 

Even Ruby enjoyed hiking the trails and relaxing on the water!  Isn’t it peaceful?!  A boat here…and a boat there…

And like I said last Friday…the best part of the day was coming home to the log cabin to fully unwind with a bottle of wine and homemade dinner!  Our favorite of the trip was what we call, “Roasted Tomato and Olive Oil Linguine”.  If you are craving a simple, fresh pasta…this one is for you!


Serves 4

  • 1 lb Linguine
  • 1 pint Grape Tomatoes
  • 1 pint Cherry Tomatoes
  • 3 Cloves of Garlic, finely chopped
  • 4 Tblsp EVOO, divided
  • Crushed Red Pepper, to taste
  • Fresh Basil, chopped
  • Fresh Mozzarella, crumbled
  • Salt & Pepper
  • 1 Tbsp Red Wine Vinegar

Start by roasting your tomatoes.  Preheat the oven to 400 degrees.  While the oven is heating, combine tomatoes, 1 tbsp olive oil, vinegar, and salt & a pinch or two of crushed red pepper.  Toss.  Spread tomatoes on a jelly-roll pan or cookie sheet.  Place tomatoes in oven and bake for ~15 minutes until tomatoes are soft and slightly blackened.

While the tomatoes are roasting, bring 4-5 quarts of water to a boil.  Add a dash or two of salt.  Add linguine and boil until pasta is al dente.  Reserve ~1/2 cup pasta water and drain pasta.  Set aside and keep warm.

When the tomatoes are soft and slightly blackened, remove from the oven.  Add tomatoes and any subsequent juices to a pot and turn burner to medium-low heat.  Pour reserved pasta water onto the jelly-roll pan and scape off any blacked bits.  Add water/bits mixture to pot.  Stir in remaining evoo, basil, garlic and linguine.  Toss frequently.  Taste.  Add additional evoo, salt, crushed red pepper, and garlic to your liking.

Divide pasta among plates and top with additional basil, crushed red pepper, and crumbled fresh mozzarella.

Serve immediately…at the dining room table…or on the front porch of a rustic log cabin!  Fresh. Cozy.  Delicious!

Pair with a glass of red wine!  We chose a bottle of Santos Beck Gran Merlot that Mom & Dad Boudreau gave us for our anniversary. 

SO good.  Thank you Mom & Dad.

Indulge.  In Live. In Love.  In Food.

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