Sewing Machines, Strawberries, & Becoming My Mom

Well, there is no denying it.  I am becoming my mother.  I can’t decide if that is mostly a good thing….or a frightening thing!  (Yes, Mom…I love you dearly.)

I’m actually pretty honored when someone comments on the similarities between me and my mom. She is one of the most giving, intelligent, hardest-working women I know; and I think she did a damn good job raising me and my sister.  (Yes, Dad….we wouldn’t be the same without you, either!)  Among other things, my mom taught me how to get things done (without whining), how to figure things out (using my own common sense),  and how to enjoy solitude. I also inherited her limited patience and stubborness; but, all in all, I think I made out pretty well.
Still, it does sometimes catch me off guard when I find myself taking on a hobby or task of hers….or simply saying something that could just as easily have fallen from her mouth as my own. I generally pause for a moment with a sigh while my mind swirls with thoughts of our connections and differences and the passage of time.

I think we all know that I am pretty determined…and, like I mentioned, stubborn.  So…when I got a bug in my butt a week ago that I need to learn how to sew….& Ryan responded to this revelation with, “Robin, I think it is cute that you want to learn how to sew….but seriously, when do you think you will have the time!?”….well, it was a  done deal.  I ordered my sewing machine that day.  Yes, last Wednesday evening….there I was…stopping into quilting shops, sewing specialty shops, and reading review after review online.  By 9pm…my machine was ordered and scheduled for Friday 5pm delivery!  No, I don’t waste any time.  Actually, the UPS man has gotten to know us pretty well with all of the baby goods we’ve ordered online and had delivered.  So on Friday…when he dropped off my sewing machine, he just shook his and laughed!  He followed his chuckle with, “You know….you can BUY baby clothes at the store, right?”  Yeah Yeah.  I know.  🙂


While Ryan was out golfing on Friday night…I took up sewing.  I had sewing blog after sewing blog lined up on my computer screen and youtube videos ready for instruction!  I won’t kid you…I was a little intimidated….mostly of just figuring how how to thread the dang machine!  Let’s be honest…I hadn’t touched one of these things since Jr High.  Needless to say, my gut was right.  I’m pretty sure I spent a good 1.5hrs just trying to thread the machine, load the bobbin, and bring up the lower thread.  I called Mom at the height of my frustration…though I knew darn well that she couldn’t help me at hundreds of miles away.  Somehow I just feel better after telling Mom how frustrated I am.  (Is that weird?!)  Regardless, it worked!  As soon as I hung up with Mom, my lovely little lower thread pulled up like it was supposed to.  Ahhh…relief.  


By the time Ryan got home at 930pm, I had 2 semi-finished burp clothes under my belt!  Perfect?  Nah….But dang close for a beginner!   With an all-day child birth class on Saturday…my sewing machine waited with anticipation until Sunday to fire up again.  While Ryan went out golfing all afternoon…I tackled some more burp cloths.  One would assume that I would start with the easiest versions (cloth diaper burp rags) but OH NO….not me.  Baby B is going to be spitting up in style!  LOL!


I couldn’t help but laugh at myself a few times as I worked on my little creations.  I knew that if I could see myself….I would look just like Marshy…sitting at the kitchen island workin’ away!  I guess it is inevitable, huh?  Thank you, Mom….for showing me that there is little we can’t do!


After working up an appetite (or ignoring my hunger pains as I finished “just one more stitch”), I began to crave Strawberries & Cream….another “little something” that always reminds me of my Mom.  Growing up, I remember Mom cutting up strawberries, sprinkling them with sugar, and covering them with 1/2 & 1/2.  I’m fairly certain I haven’t had this fruity snack since I lived at home.  SO…as I accepted “becoming my mom”…I thought, might as well have a Marsha-style snack!  If you are looking for a fresh, simple sweet-fix this summer…try some good ‘ol fashioned Strawberries & Cream!


Serves 1

  • 10-15 Strawberries, rinsed and cut in half
  • 1 Tbsp Sugar
  • 1 Cup of Half & Half

Place strawberries in a small bowl.  Sprinkle with sugar and partially cover with Half & Half.  Serve immediately. 


Indulge.  In Life.  In Love.  In Food.

3 thoughts on “Sewing Machines, Strawberries, & Becoming My Mom

  1. Awwww…my little Robin is getting her nest all ready 🙂 Cute burp cloths – I guess I won’t have to make you any! And I like the sweet plate / bowl 🙂 Where did you pick those up?

  2. Now I want to learn to sew! That was inspirational. Adorable, homemade burp cloths… I love it! I also love that plate and bowl the strawberries are in.

  3. Sounds like Ryan is storying up his energy for when the little one will come home. We have a sewing machine that you could have borrowed for your fix, it weighs about 100 lbs so moving it would have killed your sew craving quickly. Best wishes.

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