15 Weeks After 14 Years

Good Morning!  I hope you all enjoyed your day…and night for Valentine’s. Whether you believe in the holiday or argue that it was created by Hallmark…there is no doubt that having another reason to show the ones you love that you love them is something that should be welcomed.  I hope you seize that opportunity on Valentine’s Day…and every day! 

With that, I have some exciting new to share with you today.  As corny as it may sound, today Ryan and I celebrate 14 years together.  On Feb 15th, 1997…we started our journey at just 15 & 16yrs old.  Sometimes that is so hard to believe.  There certainly have been ups and downs…but more ups than downs…I guess that is the key.  🙂  From Iowa to Canada…across the miles today…”Happy Anniversary Buddy!”

Not only do we celebrate 14years today…but we also celebrate a new weekly milestone at our house.  With Baby Boudreau on the way…this week we celebrate 15 weeks!  Even harder than believing we have been together 14 years…is believing that are are finally taking the plunge into parenthood.  We made the decision last fall…and concieved this little munchkin in Tahiti.  We are so excited to be parents and can’t wait to meet our first little girl/boy.

For those of you who may be wondering, “YES!’…we will definitely find out who is growing inside of me.  In fact, we’ve already tried.  My good friend Abbey, who does Ultra Sounds, so kindly offered to give us our first peek inside.  At just 15 weeks, we had a good, long look!  Amazing.  I am still in awe.  🙂  With a bouncy baby inside…jumping and launching off of my uterus…getting a good look at the genitals was a bit of a chore.  But….we think we have a pretty solid prediction!  I will fill you all in after our next ultra sound on March 10th.  But for today…we look forward with anticipation and are so thankful to be blessed to have a child growing within me. 

Here he/she is!

Baby Boudreau…expected arrival:  August 5th

After all of the jumpin…movin’ and shakin…baby finally cozied up.  Rubbing his/her eyes!  So tired…just like Mama.  🙂

And before we left…a quick wave!  “Hi Mom! Hi Dad!” 

♥ “Hi Munchkin…we love you already! ” ♥

And so there you have it…after 14 years…we are celebrating 15 weeks.  We had our “Pre-Parenthood Bucket List”…which mostly consisted of multiple travel destinations…and with all of those bullets checked off, we look forward to our new beginning…just the 4 of us.  (Ruby included!)

“I begin to love this creature, and to anticipate her birth as a fresh twist to a knot,

which I do not wish to untie.”  ~Unknown

Thank you all of your support and encouragement along the way.

Indulge.  In Life.  In Love.  In Food.

4 thoughts on “15 Weeks After 14 Years

  1. So, so, so happy to go through some of our pregnancy together!! Matt and I are so happy for you guys! Looking fwd to play dates! Love you!

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