Hap…Hap… Happy Halloween!

It’s Monday…again!  Did you enjoy your Halloween weekend?  I hope so.   My Saturday was spent with my Medtronic family…tailgating and cheering on the Hawks in field-level seats at Kinnick.  Sunday brought hours of cleaning out the garage, tiding up the yard and preparing for winter.  Yikes!  Once the chores were complete…there was relaxation and Sunday afternoon football.  With a Hawkeye Win over Michigan State and a Packer win over the Jets…it was a great weekend indeed.  🙂 

As for costumes and candy….the Boudreau household was a little lame this year.  Maybe it has been all of the travel…or the thought of upcoming travel…or just the desire for a few hours of pure laziness….but there was no dressing up this year.  Instead…

we whipped up a batch of our favorite buffalo drummies

cracked a bottle of halloween appropriate wine (festive, eh?!)…

threw in a scary movie and cozied up with our very own monster. 

And while we relaxed, “Eddie”, (Ryan’s creation), greeted the ghosts and goblins…


…and offered up some candy. Oooo Oooo…Ahhhh Ahhhh!   Trick or Treat! 


Whatever YOU did this weekend, I hope found time to indulge…

Make the most of your week!  It’s just beginning.  🙂

Indulge.  In Life.  In Love.  In Food.

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