Milwaukee Public Market

I am beginning to wonder if I am capable of “staying put”…for even just one weekend a month.  This past weekend certainly wasn’t one of the few Ryan and I spend at home.  Instead, we hopped in the car on Saturday morning and took a ride to Milwaukee, WI where we met my parents for a day of lolligagging and a night of Brewer baseball!  The weather wasn’t all we had hoped for but we made ourselves comfortable at the Milwaukee Ale House for lunch and followed our meal with a stroll through the Milwaukee Public Market…a foodie heaven!  I had no idea Milwaukee had this wonderful market…much like the Mercato Centrale we visited in Florence Italy.  I was in love!  Check it out…

Desserts up on desserts upon desserts…

Cheese and Sausage…we are in Wisconsin folks!

And more sausage.  Now you know where to find your “football” shaped salami!  🙂

Want some beer to go along with that cheese?  They’ve got it here!

Or if you are like my dad…a chilled soda will do…

Fresh Baked Breads…

With an abundant wine selection just across the aisle.

And my favorite stop of all…the flowers.  What an amazing orchid!

As I walked out the door completely satisfied with my visit to the Public Market, there was a chalkboard calling me back with…”Cooking Classes!”  How fun!  With my latest sweets addicition, I’d have to start with the “French Desserts.” 

For those of you who live in or near Milwaukee, stop by and enjoy the market.  From fish tacos to fresh brewed coffee.  Spices to gourmet desserts.  Beer to cheese to wine.  Seafood to candy.  And fresh flowers to sushi.  One trip just isn’t enough.  If you know of a similar market in Iowa, please let me know…

Enjoy your week!

Indulge.  In Life.  In Love.  In Food.

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