Cory’s Turkey Burgers

Nothing screams summer liked grilled burgers.  Am I right?  Of course…I’m always right.  Just ask my husband.  LOL  🙂 

Only kidding.  But let’s be honest, with temperatures in the 80s and the sun shining, there is something about grilling burgers for dinner.  Not to mention, they are fast, easy, and simply delicious.  So this week, with the perfect grilling weather in the forecast, I want to share with you my brother-in-laws Turkey Burgers!  I remember the first time he made this for us. We had just finished the Madison Quarter Marathon and we were grilling & celebrating at Cory’s.  I thought to myself, “Great.  Turkey.  I wonder if they’ll taste funny.”  You know…you expect a burger to taste the way a burger always tastes…like beef.  Or maybe that is just the “Wisconsin” coming out in me. 

And then…I took a bite.  Cory’s Turkey Burgers were incredible!  And had he not told me…I would have never known they weren’t beef.   Juicy…flavorful…AMAZING…and to some extent, healthy.  I was sold.  We love these burgers!


And here he is…our Grill Master.  Serious, huh?!   Burgers, Corn, Pizza…He continues to teach us new grilling recipes.   Thank you Cory!


Serves 6

40 oz. ground turkey (7% fat – not lean! You need some fat for juicyness)
2 Tbsp. plain yogurt or sour cream
2 Tbsp. mustard
2 tsp. Worcestershire sauce
2/3 cup grated cheese (doesn’t matter what type – just not a dry cheese)
2 tsp. ground pepper

Add all ingredients and mix well by HAND – really mush that stuff together – more mushing the better!  Pat out 6 bugers – about an inch thick – really, don’t make ’em thin!  Top with pepper or steak salt to reduce sticking.

Prepare a fire or turn on the grill.  You’ll need 2 temp zones – High and Medium-Low.

Once the grill has come up to temp – oil the grates (olive oil).   Be careful, the oil can flame up.  

The burgers should cook for 3.5 minutes PER side on the High temp part of the grill.  

After 7 min. (they’ve been flipped once already) flip ’em again and slide them to the Medium-Low side of the grill.  

3-4 minutes more and check the temp.  You want between 155-160 degrees F.   Keep checking and flipping until you hit the temp.   Once you hit that temp, take ’em off and plate them and wrap ’em in foil immediately.

Let them sit for a little bit (3-5 min) while you prep your buns and toppings.

As Cory says, “D-E-licious!”

(PS – This pic is for you Cory.  Crooked….but still delicious!)

Happy Grilling! 

Indulge.  In Life.  In Love.  In  Food.

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