The Trusty Standby…

Tonight I share with you a couple of my favorite things…a delicious salad and Palmermo’s Primo Thin Pizza!  It’s true…there are nights that I just DON’T feel like cooking.  For example….the few days AFTER Mother’s Day weekend.  Seriously, I was done in the kitchen for a few days.   And whenever one of these nights hit me, my trusty standby meal is a good size salad and frozen pizza. 

But not just ANY frozen pizza…it has to be Palmermo’s Ultra Thin Crust Pizza!  It is flavorful, crunchy and light. 

While the pizza is baking in the oven, I generally whip up our favorite salad.  This is our “Go-To” salad….so much so that we load up on Kraft Balsamic Vinaigrette every time it goes on sale.  Kraft knocked it outta the park with that one! (PS – it makes a great marinade for chicken too)


  • Romaine Lettuce (Dole Greener Selection or Italian Blend)
  • Santa Sweet Tomatoes, halved
  • Green Pepper, diced
  • Cucumber, sliced and diced (optional)
  • Freshly grated Romano or Parmesan cheese
  • Kraft Balsamic Vinaigrette salad dressing

You know how to make a salad…throw all of the veggies in a bowl…and top with cheese and dressing! 

Fast…easy…and an all-time favorite at our house.  In fact, last summer, my friend Brooke and I would get together once a week, run and then make dinner together.  And each time I would ask her to bring a salad…she would say, “No!  I want YOUR salad.” 

So there you have it…a quick, delicious meal when you just DON’T feel like cooking!

Indulge.  In Life.  In Love.  In Food.

5 thoughts on “The Trusty Standby…

  1. Haha. Friend, we run again this summer-too! Yes, I now must admit that I put green peppers on my salad thanks to Mrs. Robin Boudreau!

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